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Native Thistles

I want to introduce you to some misunderstood plants.

Most of us think of thistles as weeds – most of the ones we see along roadsides and field edges are not native and very aggressive.   But there are several native thistles that are well behaved, and will even grow well in gardens.  I’ve planted three species of native thistles in our prairie meadow.  One of them is blooming right now. Continue reading Native Thistles

Prairie Meadow – August 2011

The prairie is very tall right now, and very wet from all the rain we’ve had.  The northern, drier side has lots of blooms.  The southern, wetter side has   a big population of Sneezeweed this year (it doesn’t actually make you sneeze), and it looks like it’s going to start blooming any day.   It’s beautiful, but very wet – wear your rubbers if you plan to walk along the path!

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