Fall Clearing in the Prairie Meadow

If you go down to look at the prairie garden, don’t be surprised to see that the prairie plants are gone!   The plants have grown so tall and thick that, last spring, the new growth had to struggle to get through last year’s stalks.  So I decided that, this year, it would be a good idea to cut and remove some of that thick growth.

We brought back some of the equipment that we use for brush clearing at the farm to make the job easier.  Mike cut the plants with a weed whacker, and I pulled the stalks into piles and carried them back into the woods.

Here are some pictures of the project…

Mike cutting

The prairie, with cut plants

One of the piles – it was getting dark, so the camera had trouble focusing

Click here to see a short video of Mike cutting

We didn’t quite get finished moving all the cut plants out before the snow came.  Hopefully there will be a few warm, snowless days so I can finish the job.

And I hope this will make it easier for the plants to grow next spring.

Marcie O’Connor
November 27, 2012