Journal of the Prairie Meadow – Part 3

Yesterday – January 19, 2010 – we planted seeds in the meadow.  Four of us did the planting: Dottie Waltz, Chuck Dayton, Sara Evans, and me (Marcie O’Connor).  Mike O’Connor and Fred Waltz recorded the event with photos and video.  (All the photos in this post except the first one, were taken by Mike O’Connor)

This is what the seeds look like.

Here we are, dumping the seeds into buckets and getting organized.

We had to do the planting on snowshoes – the snow was too deep to walk in easily.

I divided the field into 4 sections with my snowshoe tracks – I divided the wettest area from the drier area, and then I divided each of those areas in half.   The seeds were also divided: two buckets of seeds that like wet places, and two that like drier places.

Dottie in snowshoes

Chuck planting – throwing the seeds out onto the snow

Sara planting

Dottie planting

Here we are at the end – with cold faces and empty buckets.

Over the winter the seeds will melt down through the snow, and the freezing and thawing will help to work them into the soil.  By spring they’ll be ready to germinate.

Mike and I put together a video of the planting – set to some of his music.

Marcie O’Connor
January 20, 2010

Today we added a few more seeds to the prairie meadow.  Marcia Sundquist planted some seeds of plants that like shade, and I planted a few of the berries I had collected last fall – Winterberry and Solomon’s Seal.

Here’s Marcia on snowshoes.

And Marcia planting

Marcie O’Connor
February 9, 2010