More New Moths – July 5, 2011

Even the second day in a row brings new species.  Here are the ones we saw on July 5th.

This is the best bug we saw – a Giant Water Bug.  It was about 3 inches long, with long legs and wicked looking pincers.  They do bite, so we were careful not to get too close.


The rest of the interesting creatures were moths.  This is a Spring Spruce Needle Moth – probably eats the needles of our Spruce trees.


This is another moth that eats conifer needles.  It’s one of two species – either a Spruce Coneworm (Dioryctria reniculelloides) or a Fir Coneworm (Dioryctria abietivorella).


The showiest moth we saw – a Chickweed Geometer.  These moths usually fly during the day, and their caterpillars eat chickweed – a weed in gardens and waste places.


A Banded Tussock Moth


Black-dotted Maliattha


Pink-barred Pseudeustrotia


That’s the end of the ones I know.  Now for some I don’t know – but I’ll try to figure out.


Elm Spanworm Moth


Archips semiferanus – no common name



Archips grisea – no common name



Marcie O’Connor
July 7, 2011