Moths and other creatures – July 18, 2011

It was too hot to stay out long, but I did see a few great creatures last night.

There were several of these large beetles – about 1 1/2 inches long, very colorful.  They’re Grapevine Beetles.  The larvae eat decaying wood, and the adults eat grapevine leaves and fruit.


Here’s another one – slightly different coloring, but the same species.


This is a Large Yellow Underwing moth.  In this photo it’s resting with its wings closed.


Here it has opened its wings so you can see the bright yellow hind wings.

Large Yellow Underwings are native to Europe.  They were found in Nova Scotia in 1979, and now have spread all over North America.

This is a Grapevine Looper – its caterpillars eat grape and virginia creeper leaves.


And this is a Pink-barred Pseudeustrotia.  It’s caterpillars eat goldenrod, dock and smartweed.  The bars on its wings don’t always look so pink, but this photo shows them very well.


Marcie O’Connor
July 19, 2011