Prairie Meadow – August 2011

The prairie is very tall right now, and very wet from all the rain we’ve had.  The northern, drier side has lots of blooms.  The southern, wetter side has   a big population of Sneezeweed this year (it doesn’t actually make you sneeze), and it looks like it’s going to start blooming any day.   It’s beautiful, but very wet – wear your rubbers if you plan to walk along the path!

Here are some photos from this afternoon.

The prairie meadow


Black-eyed Susans


White-faced Meadowhawk


Bumblebee on Purple Coneflower


Bee with lots of pollen


Goldenrod Soldier Beetle on Blue Vervain


Blue Vervain


Syrphid Fly on Purple Coneflower




Northern Crescent


Monarch on Purple Coneflower – a worn female.  As butterflies get older, they lose some of the scales that cover their wings – you can see the places on this one where the colors and the lines aren’t as bright.  There’s also a piece out of the edge of her left wing where it looks like a bird took a bite.  Butterflies can fly for quite a long time even with damaged wings.


The same Monarch – looking at the underside of her wings


Honeybee on Blue Vervain


Honeybee on Purple Coneflowers


Cabbage White on Blue Vervain



Marcie O’Connor
August 2, 2011