Moths – Coffman Lecture

I gave a talk on Tuesday, November 1, 2011 about my project to learn more about moths – and especially about the moths that come to our farm in Buffalo County, Wisconsin.  Here are photos of some of the people at the talk, and some of the moths and caterpillars that I showed them.




Some of the largest moths:

Luna Moth


Common Lytrosis


White Underwing – also called the Forsaken Underwing


White-lined Sphinx Moth

White-lined Sphinx Moth caterpillar



Giant Leopard Moth

Giant Leopard Moth caterpillar

Medium sized Moths:

Tufted Bird-dropping Moth


Isabella Tiger Moth


Isabella Tiger Moth caterpillar – also called a Wooly Bear caterpillar


Large Tolype



White-striped Black



Scarlet Lichen Moth



Scallop Shell Moth



Wavy-lined Emerald



White-marked Tussock Moth



Lappet Moth



Beautiful Wood Nymph



Straight-lined Plagodis



Virgin Tiger Moth



Pale Metanema



Crocus Geometer



Black Wedge-spot



Maple Spanworm



Chain-dotted Geometer



Golden Borer Moth


Now a few of the smallest moths…. this one doesn’t have a common name.  Its latin name is Sciota vetustella.


larger view of Sciota vetustella


Another one without a common name.   Polix coloradella.



Raspberry Pyrausta



Reticulated Sparganothis







Marcie O’Connor
November 3, 2011