Board Members and Committees

1666 Coffman Condominium Association

Board of Directors

President, David Maschwitz

Vice President, Peg Houck

Treasurer, Victoria Tirrel

Secretary, Kathleen Kloos

Building & Grounds, Jerry Buckridge

Dining Committee, Veena Deo

External Communications,   David Maschwitz

Internal Communications, Mary Lynn Kittleson

Memorials and Donations, Peg Houck

Coffman Board Committees

Architectural Integrity, Meetings 1st Monday, Linda Maschwitz, chair.

Budget & Finance, Victoria Tirrel, chair

  1. Informational Budget Meeting for Residents, Nov., 2nd Tuesday of the month.
  2. Annual Budget Meeting, 3rd Tuesday of the month.

Buildings & Grounds, Meetings 2nd Tuesday, Jerry Buckridge,  chair 2 p.m. Dining Room

Dining Service Committee, Veena Deo, chair

External Liaison,  David Maschwitz

Internal Liaison, Mary Lynn Kittleson

Memorials/Celebrations,   Peg Houck, chair.

Promotions, Eve Brown, chair.

Annual Board Meeting, The 3rd Tuesday of February, 7 PM in the Social Room

Board Meetings, Jan. through Nov., The 4th Tuesday 3:00 p.m.  in the Social Room

Coffman Volunteer Committees

There are 18  Volunteer Committees. The very active chairs and members arrange innovative, interesting and challenging programs and events. See “Events” for details.

Book Review, 3rd Wednesdays

Coffman Players, 3rd Sundays,  (except June-August)  Jan Sigmund and Jenny Rajput, co-chairs

Crafts Committee, Dee Meyer

Exercise Room, Mike Jereczek, chair.  Meets as needed.

Garden Committee, 1st Wednesdays, Rita Hanle, chair

Private Garden Plots, Dottie Waltz, chair

Humanities, Mary Waibel, chair

Library, Carol Van Why, chair

Movie, No chair

Music Committee, 2nd Mondays, Fred Waltz, chair

Newsletter,  Mike Blandford, chair

Saturday Night Forum, 1st Saturdays (except June-August) Paul Ofstedal, chair

Science, Technology, and Society, Vic Cox & Michelle Willette, co-chairs.

Social Committee, Jan Sigmund,  chair

Storytellers, Dee Meyer, convener

Woodworkers, Mike Jereczek, chair